Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting Enough Sleep

So far, today has been a pretty good day in front of the class. I haven't had any issues and the students have been enjoying the work we've done so far. I think part of the reason has to do with the amount of sleep I got last night. I got 7 hours instead of 4 or 5. As much as I hate to admit it, my overall health, both mental and physical affects my teaching. If I'm coming into the classroom shortchanged on sleep then I'm less likely to be patient or thinking in a reflective manner. The problem is I'm an night owl. I hate going to bed before midnight, but I really may have to readjust my lifestyle if I want to continue to be an effective teacher in the classroom. Next year, I'll be teaching at a school which starts even earlier than my current one. In addition, I have to worry about traffic and travel time. So goodbye, midnight chats with friends. Goodnight, late night walks. So long, sleep deprivation.

This is all common sense, but I need the reminder from time to time.

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Corie said...

Your post couldn't have come at a better time fror me. I woke up this morning feeling nauseated (after 4.5 hours of sleep) and said to myself that I cannot let this happen next year when I'm teaching.

If you find the cure to night-owl-itis or discover a way to streamline your outside of school teacher time, please share. :)