Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Big Tid"

This is so far a pretty slow week at school. We're doing testing so I don't have to teach half of my classes. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't enjoying the pace. My eight graders are reading a book called Squashed. It's a book about a high school girl who is in a pumpkin growing contest while at the same time trying to win the love of her life. I know, it's an awesome sounding premise. But don't judge too quickly.

I enjoy the book a lot and I think my students are enjoying it too, even the boys in my class and students whom I would label as at-risk students. Many students don't necessarily enjoy reading, but almost all of my students love being read to. That in and of itself is enough to remind me of the power of the written word in reaching people. In an age where entertainment is measured in microseconds, it's good to know that books still have a place.

I had a pretty cute moment at school today. It's the only way you could really describe it. As I've mentioned before, I've been eating lunch with the elementary school teachers because they make for better company. Well, the other day, one of the kindergartens asked me if I was a "big tid" as I was standing in the lunch line with them. He can't say his K's very well. (Imagine him saying kitty cat.) One of the elementary school teachers overheard this and laughed. She thought it was pretty funny. I thought it was pretty funny too. Today when I went to sit down at the teachers table, she had made a little standup sign for me that said, "Mr. Anderson-Big Tid." Now I was of course too polite to point out the name misspelling because I really appreciated the thought. It was just one of those aww moments. The teacher that made it for me is the kindergarten teacher whose son I have for 7th grade English. She's a bubbly 30-something redhead who is always in good spirits. Overall she's just a pleasant person to be around, as are most of the elementary school teachers. Her son doesn't really enjoy English and writing in general, but apparently my class is his favorite class according to her. I take that as a good sign that I'm doing something right. I actually don't get to see my 7th graders this week due to testing. I kind of miss them to be honest. You become attached to your students, even the ornery ones.

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